Postal Stamp is nothing but a small printed paper which can be purchased and put on any item to make sure that you have paid the postal charges. Normally these stamps are printed on a specific type of paper, which makes them unique. Depending on the design and denomination you will need to use them on your postal package. Normally, you will need to use them on the front of your postal package. You can get the stamps from either the post office or any authorized dealer. But you will have to buy them to put them on your postal carrier. Check here if you wish to know where to buy stamps.

The inception of Postal Stamp or the beginning?

Well, the history of postal stamps goes down so deep, that it is really difficult to tell when the stamping method started. But, the history has seen a lot of different notion of the stamp in different times, and that is why different people will recognize different time frames as the inception of stamping method.

William Dockwra

In the year 1680, William Dockwra and Robert Murray first started a delivery system. They used to take a single penny to deliver mails. Although they did not use any separate stamp, they used to put a stamp on the letter to make sure the sender has paid the penny and so the letter can be delivered. And thus the conception of postal stamps started.

Lovrenc Košir

In the year 1835, a civilian named Lovrenc Košir from Slovenia proposed the use of postal stamps that will affix separately. But in the history, there is no proof that the method was implemented ever.

History of Stamps

Going down the history, you will find a lot of names that have been credited for the conception of a postal stamp. But the stamps as we see now were first started in the UK, in the year 1840. It was a reform initiated by Sir Rowland Hill. With the postal stamps initiated, now the senders had to pay the postal service rather than the receiver. And very soon, the postal authority started to use postmarks, to make sure that same stamps were not reused.

It was May 6th of 1840, when finally people had the first postal stamp worth 1 penny, engraved with Queen Victoria on it. Named as Penny Black, the stamp could have been used for those posts, which weighed under an ounce. On 8th May another Stamp was released with the value of 2 pence.

In the year 1843, Switzerland issued their own Stamp Zurich 4 & 6. Brazil released their Stamp named as Bull’s Eye in that very year. But the Brazilin Stamp contained a completely abstract design.

After two years, in 1845, USA released their stamps, but officially it was released in 1847. The values of those stamps were only 5 cents and 10 cents. In the late 1840s, many other countries including Mauritius released their stamps and started the prepaid postal system. In 1850 India released their stamps, and by 1860s most of the other countries had their own Stamp system.

The Current Situation

Since the release of these stamps, the postal systems have changed a lot, and nowadays, people do not even use the stamps anymore. With the newer payment methods and postal options coming into play, postal organizations have gone down significantly and so as the need of postal stamps. Although this is the current situation in the whole world, still Post Offices around the world have continued the tradition of designing new postal stamps and perhaps shortly we might see a new era of postal stamping in the form of the digital mailing system.